What We Do

Let's work together!

SBS Tech offers a large number of technical services. Each item listed is an example of some of the services we have provided to the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. If you have any technical request, even if it's not on this list, please send us a ticket and get in touch!



If you'd like to purchase tech equipment, please get in touch with us. Not only can we help set it up with the right apps to get you started, we also can give you detailed recommendations for the right kind of gear for your needs.

For new hires, we can help set up all the tech needs for them. For those who are leaving the College of SBS, we help inventory gear for the next hire.


When we have an advanced technical project that requires more than basic site editing, get in touch with us to talk about your needs.

Your Digital Signs posted around campus can be edited directly from your Unit's websites. The Applications team can help you edit them by providing you with templates, tutorials, or offer different ways to display updates to your visitors.

Linux Systems

If you have a custom application that you'd like to host that won't fit into a basic Drupal installation, we offer basic servers to host your projects.

We also offer a more advanced option for research projects as well. If you prefer a hands-on approach with your servers and like to dive into Linux systems, we can also help set up a system for you.

Computer Services

If you're looking for new gear, get in touch with us. Once we learn about about your needs, our team of technical experts will research and provide you with the best recommendations for you. We explore all the options that will best serve your technical needs, including performance, accessibility, costs, maintainability, and hardware durability.

Our team of experts can help you with labs for research. We can help set up rooms with advanced equipment such as camera recording gear or task specific computers.

Windows Systems

If you've got data, it needs to be properly stored, backed up, and archived. Data can be stored and backed up in a physical format such as hard drives, or online with Cloud Storage systems. If you have any problems with your data, such as if you've got a file you need to recover, get in touch with us.

Get the latest patches and updates for your systems to make sure you have the latest, greatest, and most secure operating system versions for your workstations.

If you've got printer problems or need to get connected to a printer, get in touch.

We can help connect you to the local network and get online.

We can provide training for using the Golf Cart, including operating it, parking around campus, storing, and maintaining the cart.

Adobe products can be licensed out to you.

Our team can provide assistance with camera systems for logging, monitoring, security or research.

Our team is hard at work making sure everyone is using the latest versions of important software.

Work online safely with the latest Antivirus software and know that your computer is protected. Remember to continue to practice safe online procedures, and contact us first if you believe your computer has been compromised.

Apple Systems

We manage Mac computer systems with the high regard we give Windows systems, with a separate degree of care to make sure your Mac computers and apps stay safe and operatable.

Big releases of Mac Operating Systems sometimes don't work well with existing software. We make sure all your important applications will work before releasing new updates or purchasing new Mac equipment.

Some labs, such as those in Journalism, heavily use Mac computers instead of Windows.

External Systems Maintenance

Grouper is a system for grouping user accounts together. For example, instead of adding a new hire to a bunch of individual systems and accounts one at a time, we could just add them to one grouper account, and they'll get access to everything you need automatically.

Box is a system to store and share files online. You can access box by logging in with the specific UArizona login. Remember that Box also has a non-UAarizona system separately, so make sure you're not logging in with another email account.


Teams is a communication tool provided by Microsoft. They provide instant chat features to get in touch with your staff and faculty teams quickly. They also provide Teams Channels, where you can add folks to teams and post in a discussion board format for everyone in your team.

Qualtrics is an application for Surveys, Quizzes, or Forms to get user input. 

If you're managing an event and require sign-ups or payments, get in touch with us and we can assist you with an Event Registration system.


Come on over to our SBS Tech studio and record a video! Use multiple setups including a green screen, a physical screen for demonstrating concepts, and a computer for sharing presentations.

We offer A/V support for events, including helping assist with mics and room sound, helping with screens or presentation materials, or helping to record the event.

We also assist with general A/V support and recommendations.

We've set up a room for virtual meetings. If you need a private room for virtual meetings, send us a ticket.

We also have a room specifically for audio only, perfect for podcasts, discussions, oral stories, and more.

Website Development

We're here if you have any questions about editing the site. We offer quick messages to help you through areas, or we can schedule a video call to cover anything else.

SBS Tech can provide custom Drupal solutions for research projects. Here's a few notes on site development:

  1. We don't have the resources to accept all site requests. In some cases, we may suggest simpler options such as adding a few pages to an existing site, simplifying your feature requests for ease of use, or even hosting with other UA or external programs.
  2. New site requests, as well as new domain requests are time consuming processes. Be prepared and expect a lengthy time from starting out to development and for launch. The earlier you get in touch, the better.
  3. We can help you with technical questions and get you started, but we do not manage your content. You are responsible for editing the site, providing content and managing your site editors.