What is TicketDog

TicketDog is the ticketing system created by the SBSTech Application Development Team and used by SBSTech for its services since 2002. Twenty-one SBSTech support members work within TicketDog every work day. Each job ticket coming from TicketDog, no matter whether it is a computer support, networking, website, media, research, video production, or anything else, will be assigned to a tech who has the best expertise and closest location to you. Our teamwork culture ensures that every job request from you is well taken care of. The problems and issues will be solved quickly. If not, our technicians will route you to the best resources that we know of.

Why Use TicketDog?

Our team constantly monitors TicketDog throughout each work day. One of our staff members will answer your submitted ticket within a few hours, except during holiday or off-business hours. Because we want to make sure all of your concerns or questions are addressed, we will follow-up with you on your job ticket through TicketDog as necessary.
Your tech needs are being met by our team of professionals, who go the extra mile to provide you with the best resolutions to your requests. We value your support and in turn, want to provide you with the best support possible. Along with the quality of our work, we also value the quality and accessibility of TicketDog. TicketDog can be accessed through any computing device, including your cell phone and iPad. This allows for a seamless transition between devices when you are in need of submitting a ticket.
SBSTech is committed to making sure your problems and requests are handled in a manner that satisfies your needs. You can rely on us to keep you in the loop regarding your requests and you can rest assured that you will be receiving the best advice. Please keep in mind that your tickets will also be recorded in TicketDog and will remain available whenever you need to refer to them. This is beneficial because it allows us to reference back to how your request was dealt with in the past, so we are able to continue improving our solutions for you in the future.