SBSTech sends customer surveys to faculty and staff who have submitted service requests through TicketDog. The goal of these surveys is to gain insight into how our customers feel about our services, our staff members, and our response time.

SBSTech management reviews your feedback on a daily basis to ensure the quality of our services, to evaluate our performance, and to seek your input for further improvement.

In the academic year 2020, of the 792 completed tickets, we received 224 survey responses from 429 faculty and staff across the College. We encourage everyone to continue providing feedback. Your responses are invaluable and have allowed us to provide a consistent and quality experience with SBSTech.

The following are a few comments from our faculty and staff.

Ashwini is a superstar! I love working with such a collaborative, thoughtful, and insightful member of Tech. Submitted 10-03-2019

Brian Shaw has always been so very professional, helpful and calm, even when faced with what could be seen as computer crisis moments! Thank you, Brian. Submitted 11-08-2019

None—my interactions with SBSTech and Dominic in particular have always been great and prompt. Submitted 12-06-2019

The only recommendation I have (instead of a suggestion) is that you keep Brian--he's the best Submitted 12-12-2019

Deb is always so patient and helpful - couldn't manage without her !! Submitted 10-01-2019

It's always great working with the SBSTechs! Submitted 10-10-2019

Dominic is excellent! All of us at CMES are so happy to have him assisting us on the computer refresh. Submitted 11-02-2019

Wade politely explained that this request would normally be in the purview of UITS 24/7, but, nonetheless spent a lot of time helping me get this done remotely, while I was trying to work at home with a sick child. I really appreciated that and his generosity helped me to keep doing my job. Thank you! Submitted 12-12-2019

The support and professionalism of you and your team has been greatly appreciated! Submitted 12-18-2019

I am really thankful for Deb!!! The whole team is awesome! Submitted 12-18-2019