SBSTech sends customer surveys to faculty and staff who have submitted service requests through TicketDog. The goal of these surveys is to gain insight into how our customers feel about our services, our staff members, and our response time.

SBSTech management reviews your feedback on a daily basis to ensure the quality of our services, to evaluate our performance, and to seek your input for further improvement.

In the academic year of 2017-18, from 6,525 completed tickets, we received 1,259 survey responses from 429 faculty and staff across the College. We encourage everyone to continue providing feedback. Your responses are invaluable and have allowed us to provide a consistent and quality experience with SBSTech.

The following are a few comments we authorize to share with the public.

The request was resolved almost immediately, which allowed our work to be virtually uninterrupted. Thanks for being so efficient!

I am always impressed with the responsiveness and professionalism exhibited by Gerald. We are so lucky to have him as a resource!

Z. was incredibly knowledge able and offered me a great deal of time and patience. I very much appreciate his support on this project.

As usual, many thanks to Jacob and SBS Tech Support! You helped me get this update done on a very short timeline to accommodate my travel schedule, thanks.

SBS Tech consistently goes above and beyond "completing the job". Thank you for always being my go to for tech and support!

I would like to thank Dave Rodriguez and the whole SBS Tech team for their diligent work in ironing out the setup of our new copy machine. It was not an easy endeavor, nor a one-trip type of thing, but, they were all willing to keep working on it, until it was set up according to our needs. I would also like to thank Deb Petrich for checking back with us and making adjustments when settings were reset after an update. I would like to thank Dave Fletcher for working out the complicated network settings to simplify the mapping and for his kindness when I asked for one more change. I would like to thank Dave Thompsen for rushing over to help our front desk when Ruth was not able to print. We all appreciate your hard work and know it came at a time when you were overburdened and understaffed due to illness. Thank you all so much!

Tawny Lochner is absolutely fabulous, unfailingly professional, and always knowledgeable. I'm running out of superlatives with which to describe how great Tawny is. She is helping me through some difficult technology issues I am facing at the moment. I am teaching online this semester and have discovered that some of my hardware is outdated and inadequate to the task. Tawny has been very responsive and helpful in getting me technologically on track.

Our tech service has been nothing short of outstanding in every respect. Thanks to this team, I have never really had a "crisis" that ever amounted to any significant cost to me at all. I am very grateful.

Maintaining a working computer outside is such a huge challenge. Zachary, Vanessa, and all the other SBS techs who have worked on this project have been completely AMAZING. Their comprehensive knowledge has given us the benefit of having options, every step of the way. Their research and diligence has saved us so much down time and money. For this most recent fix, they figured out we could just replace the track ball to solve the problem, instead of the easier, but much more expensive option of replacing the whole keyboard. They don't cut corners and always find the best solutions for us. Pride in their work is obvious, but they also seem to enjoy it, like a big tech puzzle. Lastly, Zach has been wonderful about communicating the problems and our options to solve them every step of the way. I have ZERO technical expertise, but he has been great about answering questions and explaining details in such a way that our department has been able to make informed decisions about keeping the kiosk computer functional.

Vanessa was so proactive in this. She discovered the problems - and there were multi-layers of them - before we even knew there was an issue. The kiosk is ridiculously challenging to keep operational. It is a working computer outside in Arizona and climate issues are constantly creating new problems. Unfortunately, it is also a critical part of the Women's Plaza of Honor and keeping it running is very important to the project and our donors. I am sure it is frustrating to constantly revisit how to keep it operational, but you would never know based on how courteous, pleasant, and endlessly knowledgeable Vanessa is. Her proactive trouble-shooting and MANY creative solutions have kept the Kiosk functional and have saved the department quite a bit of money. She is a technical genius (and very good and patient at explaining the details to those of us who are not) and diligent problem solver. Working with Vanessa is always a positive, successful experience.